The Earth laughs in flowers

                                                                 ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

It began with my mother really. She loved flowers, especially peonies, and planted them wherever we lived. As a child, I could not understand her passion for gardening, but when I became a mother myself, I came to understand the deeper truths about the language and enduring wonder of flowers. 

My love for growing, handling and arranging flowers lead me to become a professional gardener. Every week, I would make arrangements for my clients from the flowers I planted for them. These natural and somewhat ethereal arrangements began to attract attention and the business grew itself into wedding floral design. Now I get to touch flowers -and lives- all year long.

Keeping to my farmer/florist roots, whenever possible, I grow my own flowers for my brides. So you can still find me in the gardens, my hands covered in dirt, coaxing out the most beautiful blooms. I am obsessed with detail and making each wedding the perfect celebration of your special love story. The earthy truly does laugh...and flowers.

~ Kim Bakke