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The Earth laughs in flowers

        ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

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It began with my mother really. She loved flowers, especially peonies, and planted them wherever we lived. As a child, I could not understand her passion for gardening, but when I became an adult, I came to understand the deeper truths about the language and enduring wonder of flowers. 

My love for cultivating flowers and creating English gardens grew into a professional gardening business which led to creating floral designs for weddings. In an endeavor to be the best I could be for my couples, I sought training and have had the privilege of being mentored by some of the top designers in the country. Now, as A Cottage Gardener, I get to touch flowers -and lives- all year long.

At a Cottage Gardener, we are story tellers and romantics. My team is obsessed with detail and making each wedding the perfect celebration of your unique love story. The earth truly does laugh...and love...in flowers.

~ Kim Bakke

Servicing the greater Philadelphia area, New York, New Jersey and Delaware